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Additional Studies including the thinking skills as level

Additional Studies



Cambridge International Thinking Skills (9694)


Qualification type:

Non-linear international AS level qualifications recognised in UK and around the world


Subject Description: The CIE Thinking Skills AS level will be taken at the end of Year 12. The course will cover general knowledge and current affairs topics and study skills for analysis.  During Additional Studies lessons you will cover three key aspects that you will need to be successful at Sixth Form and beyond.


The Thinking Skills syllabus also enables students to approach their other subjects with an improved ability to understand, analyse and resolve problems.  You will also have a range of lesson and support for all your UCAS/Progression preparation.  The final aspect of Additional Studies is the opportunity to undertake an EPQ.  This is optional to those who would like to complete the qualification.


Course Content:

Two components: Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. Problem Solving - extract and process relevant data, search and find procedures for tackling problems, use spatial reasoning, make hypotheses to explain variations, and come to choices and decisions.


Critical Thinking - the emphasis is on language - recognising, analysing and evaluating reasoned arguments and conclusions, as well as flawed ones, detecting implicit assumptions, assessing the impact of evidence, and being able to infer and deduce.


How the course is assessed:

Year 12 - two 1¾ hour papers, externally assessed, each worth 50% of the total marks for AS.


Paper 1 (Problem Solving) consists of 30 multiple choice questions, and Paper 2 (Critical Thinking) contains 3 structured answer tasks worth 15 marks each.


Post-18 opportunities:

The course will be of great benefit when preparing for higher education and for a wide range of careers.  The Thinking Skills syllabus encourages free and open debate, critical and investigative thinking, informed and disciplined reasoning, which are highly valued by universities and employers.


Teacher responsible:

Mr Lampard