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Core Maths - Maths in Context

Core Maths


OCR (MEI) Quantative Problem Solving


Qualification type:

Level 3 Certificate (Equivalent to an AS Level)


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

Maths grade 4 and above


Subject description:

Quantitative Problem Solving consolidates and extends the mathematics learnt at GCSE. It is designed for students who need mathematical skills to support their other subjects. Students apply statistical thinking and use spreadsheets to solving problems in a variety of contexts. Skills developed will be able to be used in other A Level qualifications such as biology, physics, chemistry, business, economics, computing and psychology.


Quantitative Problem Solving is particularly suitable for future students of psychology, geography and other subjects which make extensive use of statistical techniques. The content of Quantitative Problem Solving requires understanding and application of: modelling, statistics, finance, working with exponentials, working with graphs and gradients, geometry and measures, risk, statistical problem solving, use of technology.


How the course is assessed:

There will be two examination papers at the end of the course. Both papers are of 2 hours duration and both are equally weighted.

1. Introduction to quantitative reasoning

2. Statistical problem solving


Post-18 opportunities:

Mathematical skills are relied upon on a day-to-day basis in both further study and employment. Core Maths will be able help students develop these mathematical skills in order to become comfortable in dealing with a wide range of problems. Core Maths can help prepare students for mathematical demands of a variety of university courses.


Teacher responsible:   Mr A Gemmell