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Key Stage 3

Our Day Out

Students have one 100 minute lesson per fortnight throughout years 7-9. We cover a wide range of techniques within a range of schemes of work. These schemes may be based on short stories, novels and plays as well as from film, photographs or a thematic approach. Students learn to co-operate with others, communicate with confidence, participate in discussion and work creatively. Emphasis is placed as much on the development of the piece as on the performance. The techniques covered become more advanced each year to prepare students fully for our GCSE course in Drama.


Drama showcase


At GCSE students build up their knowledge of techniques such as ritual, still image, cross-cutting and monologue using a variety of stimuli including scripts, novels, pictures, music and news stories. The course is highly practical-based and has no written exam. Students are graded by their teacher on their input in practical workshops, as well as a final devised exam piece which is performed in groups to an examiner. Coursework will take the form of three essays, completed in supervised time in school. Two of these are about the students’ own work, and one is a theatre review following a school visit to a local theatre. 

AS and A2 Drama and Theatre Studies



Within the AS course students will learn about a wide range of theatre practitioners including Brecht, Stanislavski, Berkoff, Boal, Peter Brook and Laban through a series of practical workshops. This will inform their practical work which takes place over the course of the year. Students will study two plays, ‘Road’ by Jim Cartwright and ‘Blood Wedding’ by Lorca and will be assessed through practical and written work. Students will complete a theatre review following a visit to see a play. Students will complete an assessed monologue before their final practical scripted unit, where groups will perform an edited play.

Within the A2 course students build further on their knowledge of practitioners such as Artaud and Grotowski. They use their acquired knowledge within two practical group assessed pieces, one of which is a devised piece and one is a scripted piece from an adapted play. Students complete practical and written work on ‘Beggar’s Opera’, the history of theatre and ‘Macbeth’, which prepares them for a written examination.

Many of our Drama students go on to study acting courses or Drama degrees at University.

Extra Curricular

The Drama department produces three school productions each year. These include the Upper School Production, involving years 10-13, the Whole School Musical, involving years 7-13 and the Lower School Production involving years 7-9. Auditions for these events are well advertised – look out for posters around the school! There are also opportunities to become involved in the technical aspects of the shows or work backstage on costume etc.

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