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Enterprise Day 

Enterprise Day

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Enterprise Day 2017: Team Asterix wins the day!

On Friday 7th July all Year 9 Farlingaye High School students had their annual opportunity to participate in an exciting Enterprise Day with BT.

Students participated in this wonderful business simulation at Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath, for a full day of tasks and activities related to working in the business environment with the challenges of running their own business. This is the 13th year that Farlingaye and BT have been collaborating in this venture and the event has continued to grow every year in both its complexity and success.

287 year 9 students had been working within their 22 separate micro-companies for the previous month and a half, developing their business with their own structures, strategies and through completing tasks in order to sell ‘their’ brand of cars to a global market.

Teams earned “money” from completing a range of group based and individual tasks and activities and used the financial rewards from these to buy resources from the stock market, commodities exchanges and banks to further their business. They also needed to participate in a Dragons’ Den style presentation to gain further business investment for their venture with many teams putting on very professional displays.

Teams have been organising their company structures, with designated official roles, preparing marketing portfolios, websites and presentations. This year technology really took hold with many teams creating online adverts, animations, websites and the use of other digital media to support their efforts. The Enterprise Twitter account was buzzing before the day with questions and promotional material very much reflecting the media age we now live in.

We streamed the day live to school and it was watched by students and staff on screens around the school and on the network at break and lunch. Our dedicated media team also put a great video together reflecting the challenges and fun students had on the day.

Alongside the Enterprise event, the teams must also earn money for charity to emphasise the need to think about their wider corporate social responsibility. This was real money. This year was more innovative than ever before with ‘soak the teacher stalls’, cake sales, computer gaming, car washes, games, and busking! Over £600 was raised by student activity in their lunchtimes and this has been donated to the Children’s Charity ‘Barnados’ once again.

Year 9 students have much to be proud of; they have raised money for charity, behaved impeccably met and overcome the challenges of the day.

This year the winning team was ‘Asterix’ : led by Archie Page as CEO, Benny McGuire, Seb Mobee, Jack Norman, Beth Marsh, Alba Perez Sanchez, Tom Rankin, William Rushbrook, Tom Shannon, George Stiff, Tom Turner and Ryan Wiliams.

27 Economics and Business A A Level Year 12 students also helped make the day possible and of course the wonderful staff from BT.

The school really values the business links established with BT and huge thank you must go to them for hosting and working so hard on this event. Particular thanks should go to both Kevin Peirce and Andrew Trawford who are the key people to make this day as enjoyable as it is.


Nigel Edge

Director of Learning

Economics and Business