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Farlingaye High School

Farlingaye High School

Email Contacts for Key Staff

Leadership Team Name Email Address
Headteacher Dr A Sievewright

Senior Deputy Headteacher for Staffing and Recruitment Mr P Smith

Deputy Headteacher for Curriculum and Designated Teacher for Children in Care Miss L Gilmour

Assistant Headteacher for Transitions and Lower School Co-ordinator Mr T Read

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion Mrs L Rudge

Assistant Headteacher Data and Reporting Mr C Moran

Assistant Headteacher and Upper School Co-ordinator Mrs C Laird

Assistant Headteacher Mr J Lampard
Head of Sixth Form Mrs V Stuart


Heads of Faculty Name Email Address
Creative Arts Mrs T Hetherington

English Miss A Silvester

Humanities Mr N Webb

Languages Ms G Cesarano

Learning Support (inc. SEN) Mrs J Moore

Maths Mr A Gemmell


Mr S Lucking/

Mrs C Moran

Technology Mr H White

Vocational Mr N Edge


Heads of Year Name Email Address
Year 7 Mr P Macdonald

Year 8 Miss H Enright

Year 9 Mr J Brooks

Year 10

Mr G Harris

Year 11

Miss C Ring

Year 12 Miss R Ellis

Year 13 Mr G Tait