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English Language

English Language




Qualification Type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

5 in English Language and a 5 in English Literature


English Language GCSE Entry criteria:

3 or below in English Language GCSE


Subject description:

Students have the opportunity to explore the English language in use. You will develop an understanding of the concepts and issues surrounding language use such as power, gender and situation, through the study of both spoken and written forms. You will engage creatively with language, developing your ability to produce your own original writing. You will also study how we acquire language and how our language is affected by the situations we find ourselves in. This course also examines the history of the English language and will culminate in an independent investigation looking at how language shapes identity.


Units studied:

Component 1 - Language Concepts and Issues

Section A: Analysis of Spoken Language

Section B: Language Issues


Component 2 - Language Change Over Time

Section A: Language Change Over Time

Section B: Language in the 21st Century

Component 3 - Creative and Critical Use of Language

Component 4 - Language and Identity


How the course is assessed:

Component 1: Language Concepts and Issues (2 hr exam, 30%)

Component 2: Language Change Over Time (2 hr 15 min exam, 30%)

Component 3: Creative and Critical Use of Language (1 hr 45 min exam, 20%)

Component 4: Language and Identity (Coursework unit, 20%)


Post-18 opportunities:

English A Levels are always well considered by universities and further education institutions and this course combines detailed analysis of language with the development of skills as both a producer and interpreter of language. The course offers opportunities in media, journalism, law and teaching.


Teacher responsible: Mrs A Silvester