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Film Studies

Film studies


Eduqas GCE Film Studies Specification:


Film Studies is an exciting, creative and academically rigorous post-16 subject.  Students have six 100 minute lessons per fortnight and are taught the Eduqas exam board by two members of staff, who divide the teaching of the course between them.


A wide range of topics are covered for Component 1 during the course such as a two-film study of British film since 1995 and American film since 2005. In addition, students cover a comparative study of two Hollywood films made between 1930-1990. For Component 2, which is largely covered in the second year of the course, students study Global, Documentary, Silent and Experimental films and the learning is much more synoptic covering topics like spectatorship, auteur, aesthetics and film movements. Over the two year course, students will also complete a Component 3 production and various other practical and theoretical filmmaking opportunities to ensure that they begin to build a portfolio for future use.  


The course has been thoroughly resourced with a wide range of films for students to further their knowledge of actors, directors, producers and auteurs.  Furthermore, we have provided students with the tools to make their own films:  cameras, tripods, laptops and editing software.


A Level Film Studies Eduqas Linear A level 


Year 12 & 13 A level    


Component 1: Varieties of film and filmmaking (2 ½ hour exam)


Component 2: Global filmmaking perspectives (2 ½ hour exam)


Component 3: Production (coursework)