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Film Studies




Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

4 in English


Subject description:

This subject provides an insight in to all facets of film: production, the language of the core elements of film (mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing, sound and performance), global markets and distribution, and film movements through history. You will have the opportunity to explore your creative side through screenplay writing or by creating a film sequence. You will be shown some 18 certificate films but these films have been carefully selected to deepen your understanding of the subject.


Units studied:

Component 1 - Varieties of film and filmmaking (six feature length films)

This component comprises three sections. You will study and compare two Hollywood films:

One produced 1930-60 and one produced 1961-1990 focusing on their respective context for production and core elements.

A contemporary independent and a mainstream American film (post 2005) focusing on issues of spectatorship theory.

Two recent British films (post 1995) focusing on narrative theory.


Component 2 - Global filmmaking perspectives (five feature length films)

You will study:

Global film: one European and one from outside Europe to develop your analytical skills within unique contexts. The core elements of film are explored in depth.

Documentary film: focusing on critical debate and filmmakers’ theories on the significance of documentary filmmaking.

Silent cinema to identify the critical debates around the early film form.

Experimental film: identifying narrative theory and aspects of the auteur.


Component 3 - Creative Production

This component assesses one production and its evaluative analysis. You will produce: either a short film (4-5 minutes) or a screenplay for a short film (1600-1800 words), plus a digitally photographed storyboard of a key section from the screenplay and an evaluative analysis (1600 - 1800 words).


How the course is assessed:

Component 1: written examination 2 ½ hours, 35%

Component 2: written examination 2 ½ hours, 35%

Component 3: non-exam assessment, 30%


Post-18 opportunities:

Due to its analytical demands, the creative aspect of constructing a text and the business and economic insight learners will gain regarding the industry both here and abroad, Film Studies can lead to an exciting and varied choice of university degree courses or helping towards media or communication employment opportunities.


Teacher responsible: Mr M Tighe