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Film Studies

Film Studies

Film Studies


Specification: Eduqas


Qualification type: A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades) English Language 4


Subject description

The chance to understand the film industry, film production and the impact of the film experience on audiences. You will also have the opportunity to create film sequences using your knowledge of the film-making process.  Students will be exposed to some 18 certificate films but these films have been carefully selected to deepen their understanding for the subject.


Units studied



Component 1: American Film

Students study Hollywood films since the 1960s and the relatively contemporary American independent films, to further their understanding of the production process, micro feature analysis and marketing and distribution issues.

Component 2: European Film

Students will focus on British films to compare aspects of narrative, micro features and as texts for a socio-political study, and study a non-English language European film to demonstrate the different aesthetic feel and unique sensibility of films produced outside the Hollywood system

Component 3: Production

Students will be given a production brief to make their own short film/sequence to submit as coursework.


A Level

Component 1: American and British Film

Building on the AS work, students will study Classical Hollywood, Hollywood since the 1960s, contemporary American independent film and British film.

Component 2: Varieties of film

Students will study film movements such as Silent Film and Vaudeville or the French or Asian New Wave, Documentary, Global and Short Film.

Component 3: Production

Practical productions choices are either a short film or with a digitally photographed storyboard and an evaluative analysis.


How the course is assessed

Component 1: Written examination3 hours, 35%; Component 2: Written examination 3 hours, 35%; Component 3: Non-exam assessment, 30%


Post-18 opportunities

Film Studies overlaps with a broad range of subjects due to its analytical demands, the creative side of constructing a text and the business and economic insight students will gain regarding the industry both here and abroad. It can lead to a wide variety of university degree courses or towards media or communication employment opportunities.


Teacher responsible:  Mr M Tighe