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Government and Politics

Government and Politics

Government & Politics


Specification: AQA


Qualification type: A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades)

English Language or Literature 5


Subject description

Through your study of Politics you will acquire vital skills that will serve you well throughout your life. They will include skills of high-quality written communication, an engaging and coherent capacity for debating and the ability to analyse complex information.  They will be acquired by studying political ideas, the government and politics of the US, and comparative politics.


The Political Ideas topic enables students to engage with the traditional political ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism, and also to study a modern political ideology.


The Comparative Politics topic further develops analytical and evaluation skills, with students comparing and contrasting US and UK government and politics. Assessment will be 100% exam-based.


Units studied


AS: Government and politics of the UK (100% of AS grade)


A Level

  1. Government and politics of the UK
  2. The government and politics of the USA (comparative politics)
  3. Political ideas


How is the course assessed?

Three two-hour exams, one on each unit studied containing a mixture of medium-length “explain” and essay-style questions.


Post-18 opportunities

Government & Politics gives a good grounding for a wide variety of careers. As it touches on literally every aspect of society, this course has universal appeal.


Teacher responsible:  Mrs F Watson