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Exam Information

PDF icon  Summer 2018 Combined Exam


PDF icon  Summer 2018 A Level Exam Timetable
PDF icon  Summer 2018 GCSE Exam Timetable

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      March 2018


Replacement Certificates/Past results

If you need an official record of your past exam results, you should contact the relevant exam boards. There are five main exam boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – AQA, CCEA, Pearson Edexcel , OCR and WJEC. You can contact them directly for your O level, CSE, GCSE and A level results. These exam boards also hold results for defunct exam boards.

To find out which one to contact, use the link below.


AS/A LEVEL RESULTS:    Thursday 16th August 2018


Year 13 -  from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

Year 12 – from 10.15 am to 11.00 am


GCSE RESULTS:     Thursday 23rd August 2018


Year 11 - 9.00 am to 1.00 pm


If you are unable to collect your results in person, please either provide the Exam Office with a Stamped Addressed Envelope or ensure the person collecting results on your behalf has a signed letter of authorisation from you.  Your nominated person must also bring proof of identity.


Please be aware that the Exam Boards offer post results services, such as review of marking, copies of scripts etc.  All these services have deadlines and fees relating to them.  A Post Results Information Leaflet will be included with your results.


Mrs A Grundy

Exams Officer


 Understanding Your AS and A2 Grades:     


PDF icon  Understanding GCE Exam Marks

PDF icon  Maximum UMS Marks by Subject and Unit

 Essential Information and Exam Regulations:


PDF icon  GCSE Controlled Assessments 2017-2018

PDF icon  Coursework Assessments 2017-2018

PDF icon  Written Exams 2017-2018

PDF icon  Privacy Notice 2017-2018

PDF icon  Social Media 2017-2018

PDF icon  On Screen Tests 2017-2018

PDF icon  No Mobile Phones

PDF icon  Non-examined Assessment 2017-2018

PDF icon  Internal Appeals Procedure 2017-2018

PDF icon  Exams Policy