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Headteachers' conference

Leading innovation: Sharing good practice across the county.

Developing Middle Leaders

Leading staff: Offering MA units related to teaching and learning and leadership.

Leading learning: Developing thinking skills for KS4 students through "Enhancement Days". We are also facilitating partner schools by funding two 'Maximise' instructors to go in and develop thinking skills with a cohort of the school's choice.

Gifted and Talented masterclasses

Leading achievement: Lead teachers in each faculty area trailling and developing good practice for challenging gifted and talented students.

A2A - Aim to Achieve

Leading achievement: Farlingaye have targeted more than 30 students who are on the C/D borderline and are working with these to offer support, additional coursework and study sessions with regular target setting and mentoring meetings. We are also able to support projects designed to raise GCSE
achievement in partner schools.

Teaching and Learning:

Leading staff, Innovation and Learning: Laurinda Rudge is available to support staff in all partnership schools.

PDF icon Leading Edge Supporting Teaching and Learning Booklet

School based researchers

Leading innovation: This project will allow up to 10 staff from across the partnership to pursue aspects of research related to their school's improvement plan. Funding is available for staff to pay for supply and training. Research findings will be shared across the partnership.

PDF icon Research Booklet - School Based Researchers

Research Projects:

Word icon Questioning the 'Self' in Modern Education

Word icon Re-Engaging KS4 Pupils in PE: Alternative Sports v Traditional Sports

Word icon Developing Strategies For Raising Boys' Achievement

Word icon Developing Thinking Skills in Year 8 Students

Word icon An Investigation into Effective Sixth Form Teaching

Word icon Developing Personalised Learning and Thinking Skills Using an Interdisciplinary Approach

Word icon Can Yr 7 Pupils Become Better Learners And Achieve More By Creative Team Teaching

Word icon Does The Use Of ICT Improve Attainment And Behaviour In Science

Word icon Does the Use Of Specific Emotional Intelligences Help Inform Learning

Word icon How Can Creativity Be Used To Enhance Learning

Word icon How Can Wikispaces Be Used To Enhance Learning

Word icon Personalised Learning

Word icon To What Extent Does Peer Or Self Assessment Improve Motivation And Attainment In History

Word icon Using The School VLe To Facilitate Collaborative Learning Using A Community Of Practice

PDF icon The Impact Of Seating In A Classroom On Pupils' Verbal Participation In Years 8 And 9 RE Lessons

National Programme Conferences

Leading Innovation, Staff, Learning and Attainment: Farlingaye are planning opportunities for staff to develop and share good practice in raising attainment in Maths and English.

If you would like to find out more about any aspects of our Leading Edge Projects please contact    

Maddy Anders, Leading Edge Coordinator, at Farlingaye High School:

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