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GENERAL School Policies

You can view the School Policies below:

Admissions Policy:   Please refer to the Suffolk County Council website  - click here

Policy Information for Parents/Carers

PDF icon Accessibility Plan 

PDF icon Accounting Policy

PDF icon Admissions Policy 2021-2022

PDF icon Assessment and Feedback Policy

PDF icon Assessment and Feedback Policy - Additional Notes

PDF icon Attendance Policy

PDF icon Behaviour Policy - Building Relationships      PDF icon  Behaviour Policy Addendum:  School Operations During The COVID-19 Crisis

PDF icon Blended Learning Policy

PDF icon Bursary Policy - 2021

PDF icon Career and Work Related Learning Policy

PDF icon CCTV Policy

PDF icon Charging and Remissions Policy

PDF icon Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

PDF icon Communications Policy

PDF icon Complaints Policy

PDF icon Data Protection GDPR Policy

PDF icon Drugs Policy

For further information regarding Exams, please click HERE.


PDF icon EAST Equality and Diversity Policy

PDF icon EAST Exclusions Policy

PDF icon EAST Freedom of Information Policy


To view the EAST policies, please click HERE.

PDF icon Farlingaye Careers Plan

PDF icon FHS Lateral Flow Testing Risk Assessment in Schools March 2021

PDF icon FHS Risk Assessment for Re-opening during the Coronavirus Crisis

PDF icon Finance Policy and Procedures

PDF icon Governors' Curriculum Statement

PDF icon Governors' Expenses Policy

PDF icon Home School Partnership policy

PDF icon Home Tuition Policy

PDF icon Health and Safety policy

PDF icon Learning Gateway - Acceptable Usage Policy for Parents and Carers 

PDF icon Literacy Policy

PDF icon Media Relations Policy

PDF icon Media Relations Policy - Separate Addendum

PDF icon Medical Conditions Policy

PDF icon Mental Health Policy

PDF icon Numeracy Policy

PDF icon Online Safety Policy

PDF icon Peer on Peer Abuse Policy

PDF icon Prevent Duty

PDF icon Provider Access Policy

PDF icon PSHE Policy - The policy is currently being updated.

PDF icon Pupil Premium Policy

PDF icon Privacy Notice

PDF icon Records Management and Retention Policy

PDF icon Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

PDF icon Recruitment and Selection Policy

PDF icon Relationships and Sex Education Policy

PDF icon Reporting to Parents Policy

PDF icon Revised ICE Term 1 2017-18

PDF icon Safeguarding policy - Main document 2021 and Addendum Covid-19

PDF icon Safeguarding policy - Appendix 1 Child Protection Policy 

PDF icon Safeguarding policy - Appendix 2 Guidance for Staff 

PDF icon Safeguarding policy - Appendix 3 Visitor Pack

PDF icon Safeguarding policy - Appendix 4 Recognising Concerns

PDF icon Safeguarding Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Teachers, Volunteers and Other Staff

PDF icon SEND Information Report July 2021

PDF icon Staff Development and Retention Policy

PDF icon Subject Access Requests

PDF icon Supporting Parents With Parental Responsibility Policy

PDF icon Teaching and Learning Policy
PDF icon Use of Force to Control or Restrain Students Policy

PDF icon  Whistle-blowing Policy

PDF icon Young Carers Policy