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Literacy at Farlingaye

Our Ethos

Around the school, we aim to work together to promote a love of reading.


We understand that some students may need support, guidance and encouragement with reading, therefore as a school we are invested in exciting initiatives such as;  ‘Book Buzz,’ dedicated library lessons and lunch clubs, a Reading Champion Scheme and inspiring students involvement with local and national competitions.


We strongly believe that reading has the ability to shape students futures; aid progress across the curriculum and allows them to express themselves wherever life takes them.


Your Literacy links here at Farlingaye are; Mrs A Silvester – Head of English and Mrs S Deverson-Dean – Reading Champion Coordinator

Reading is the gateway


Summer Reading Challenge



World Book Day


World Book Day Reading Champion letter

Black Stories Matter

International Women's Day



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Selected students from years 7, 8 and 9 receive additional Literacy input both in small groups and individually by Mrs Deverson-Dean, Reading Champion Coordinator. These take place during Tutor Time and scheduled appointments throughout the week. Pupils are selected on the basis of prior attainment and teacher recommendation and are also assessed regularly using Literacy Assessment Online. Students work through bespoke schemes of work and are regularly assessed to track their progress in the fluency of their writing and their comprehension of texts.

Competition Winners


Book of Hope Entries:

Reading Skill of the Month



Year 7

Laila Green 7E – ‘Starlight’ - A wonderful reflection on the ‘specks of concentrated wonder’ above us!


Poppy Soames 7A – A very inspiring piece of writing, encouraging us to know our own ‘self-worth’.

Reading Lists:


Publication Reading List KS3


Publication Reading List KS4

Year 8

Rosie Moore-Smith 8E – ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ – A very timely piece of writing that reminds us that ‘Spring always arrives’.


Leah Rose-White 8S – ‘A Person’s Smile’ – A poem encouraging us to empathise with each other. Again, perfectly appropriate for the times!

How can I encourage my child to read?


Reading is the single most effective way to improve students’ overall progress and performance. Once question we are frequently asked by parents is how they can encourage their child to read.

While this might occasionally pose more of an issue than it did when your child was a toddler, it is not impossible. Often, students simply need to find texts which speak to them. Curiosity is key.

The link below provides a few ideas you might like to try:

How to encourage your child to read

Year 9

Summer Rackham 9S – A reflection on different kinds of shoe with lines like ‘Twirling on the silence below’. Lots of brilliant, original images created!


Harry Page 9I – ‘Freedom of the Owl’ – ‘His stunning wings expanding across the beautiful night sky’

"Anything that moves me, I carry and tell"

Clare Muireann Murphy, Professional Storyteller


‘Books open your mind, broaden your mind and strengthen you as nothing else can.’

William Feather

Terminology Booklets


'Just black marks against a white page, but if you put them in the right order, you can make extraordinary things happen in someone else's head, across thousands of miles, across thousands of years and in complete silence' 


Simon Armitage