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Specification: Edexcel


Qualification type: A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades)

Music level 6


Subject description

The course is based around the elements Performance, Composition and Appraising. For students who have studied and enjoyed GCSE Music then this is a natural progression to develop musicianship skills further. Students who opt for AS/A2 would be expected to be involved in the extra-curricular life of the department.

The course combines well with Music Technology.


Units studied


Performing: Students have to perform (either solo and/or ensemble) for a minimum of six minutes at AS or eight minutes at A Level.

Composing: At AS students compose two pieces, one to a set brief and the second in response to a different brief or as a free composition. At A Level students must compose two pieces one in response to the free choice brief/free composition and one in response to a brief assessing technique.  The two pieces must have a combined duration of at least four and a half minutes at AS and six minutes at A Level.

Appraising: The content of musical contexts and musical language is taught through the context of six areas of study, each containing two set works at AS and an additional set work at A Level.


How the course is assessed

Performing will be marked as a continuous recital and the compositions marked according to the mark scheme. There will be a two-hour listening exam at the end of the courses.


Post-18 opportunities

There are increasing opportunities for musicians – as a professional or session musician, composing in various genres e.g. film, popular or classical, sound engineering, sound design or teaching/lecturing. There are a variety of courses available looking at various aspects and specialisms within music.


Teacher responsible:  Ms G Martino