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Safer Internet Day TODAY!

 Good Morning All.


Please see below your piece of online safety advice for today:


Online safety advice – Tuesday:


Making, possessing and distributing any ‘indecent’ imagery of someone under 18 is illegal. THIS INCLUDES SENDING AN INDECENT IMAGE OF YOURSELF IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. Imagery includes photos AND videos.


An indecent image includes:


- being partly or completely naked, or in your underwear,

- displaying genitals or breasts,

- talking about sexual things that you want to do.


If you share an indecent image of yourself you no longer have control of that image, it can get passed around and shared VERY quickly. Neither the Police nor school can get it back.


You must never resend or show others an indecent image that you have been sent. If you send an indecent image of yourself or pass on one of someone else, you can end up with a criminal record.


If you feel that you are being pressured into sending/receiving an image or video speak to an adult, they will be able to help you, this can be Parents/Carers or a member of staff from school. We are here to support you, not to try and get you into trouble.


*If you need any further advice or need to report any online safety issue you can contact/speak to:


Kind Regards,


Miss Hankers

Safeguarding Manager