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School Menu

Food is available daily from the Dining Hall and the Kiosk, outside the Fitness Studio.

Parentpay ParentPay is the preferred payment method throughout the school and this also allows parents and carers to view their child's menu choices.     

If parents/carers want to claim a refund for any unused school meals money or to refund money they have incorrectly paid to their school meals account on Parent Pay, please email and attach a screenshot of your account balance and request a refund.

School Menu WEEK 1 commencing:


2nd and 23rd January, 13th February, 6th and 27th March 2023 


School Menu WEEK 2 commencing:


9th and 30th January, 20th February and 13th March 2023


School Menu WEEK 3 commencing:


16th January, 6th and 27th February and 20th March 2023