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School Uniform requirements

As well as giving a sense of belonging to the school, uniform is also important in helping to establish a good working atmosphere. Our uniform is chosen to be practical and affordable and we are reliant on the support of parents, in ensuring that all students are appropriately dressed for school.


Hair must be neat, tidy and of a style acceptable to the school, avoiding extremes. Students should avoid extremes of personal appearance.  This includes hair colouring and haircuts.


Make-up, if worn, should be very light and discreet. Tattoos (permanent or semi-permanent) should not be visible. Coloured nail varnish and false nails are not allowed. No false eyelashes.


Excessive jewellery should not be worn. Up to two rings, one necklace, only two small earrings/studs per ear, and a watch. No other items must be visible.


Tongue piercings, facial jewellery or body piercings must never be worn. Any new piercings that require a “healing period” should only take place during school holidays, that are long enough to accommodate the process. All piercings (other than ears) must be removed and not simply covered with plasters during school time.


No jewellery can be worn during PE or other practical activities.


The Head teacher has the right to decide if any style or item of clothing, or hairstyle, is inappropriate for school.


Uniform may be purchased from COES of Ipswich, 20-28 Norwich Road, Ipswich

(Tel: 01473 256061) or from supermarkets or other sources. The jumper and skirt must be purchased from COES.



  • Long or short sleeve blue shirt or revere blue blouse (to be worn open necked).
  • Navy skirt, which must be one of two styles offered by COES, Ipswich, and must not be more than 4 inches above the knee.
  • Navy or black school trousers.
  • Navy V-neck jumper with logo (this must be worn except in the summer months).


  • Polar fleece navy with logo [optional] – may be worn around school but not in lessons.
  • Dark/white socks or black, navy or natural tights and black shoes (not canvas trainers, sling backs/sandals/boots or with too high a heel).
  • Black, navy or dark brown belt (optional).


Denim and leather should never be worn for school.


Hoodies should never be worn for school. Students should wear plain coats or jackets during cooler weather.

P.E. Uniform




*Farlingaye navy blue polo shirt


*Farlingaye rugby/games shirt, Farlingaye fleece or Farlingaye quarter zip top

It is compulsory to have one of these items. The Rugby shirt is currently needed for boys’ PE only, but this is being reviewed.

Plain navy blue games shorts or “skort”


Navy blue football socks


Plain navy blue tracksuit trousers


Navy blue base layer


*PE leggings

Optional but must be purchased from COES

Football boots


White ankle length sports socks


Trainers that are suitable for sport


Shin pads

Compulsory for Football and Hockey

Mouth guard/gum shield

Strongly recommended for Rugby and Hockey


* PE Uniform must be purchased from COES at 20-28 Norwich Road, Ipswich.  Tel:  01473 256061.