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Specification: AQA


Qualification type: A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades)

Sociology B or 5 in English Language if Sociology not studied at GCSE


Subject description

Sociology is an exciting and interesting subject that enables us to analyse modern society and human behaviour. Important topics and controversial issues are central to this course and always provoke lively debate: What do we mean by culture? Are boys bound to fail at school? Can we explain suicide? Knowledge, analytical skills and critical evaluation are developed as a we explore the theories, methods and findings of sociologists. This course may change the way you think about the world you live in.


Units studied


Paper 1 – Education with Methods in Context

Paper 2 - Research Methods and Topics in Sociology (Culture and Identity)

A Level

Paper 1 – Education and Theory and Methods

Paper 2 – Topics in Sociology (Culture and Identity and Beliefs)

Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods


How the course is assessed

100% written examination


Post-18 opportunities

Some students continue with Sociology at university while others find it useful in courses as varied as Business, Economics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Law, Drama, Occupational Therapy and Teacher Training. Students have found employment in areas as diverse as the media, commerce, education, law and the caring professions.


Teacher responsible:  Mr O Saunders