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Farlingaye High School

Farlingaye High School


 Leadership Team

A Sievewright CL Mrs L Newrick
Andy Sievewright Peter Smith Catherine Laird Louise Gilmour
Chris Moran John Tunaley  
Chris Moran John Tunaley  


Andy Sievewright

Deputy Headteachers:

Peter Smith & Louise Gilmour

Assistant Head Teachers:

Catherine Laird & Chris Moran

Lower School Co-ordinator:

John Tunaley

Upper School Co-ordinator:

Louise Gilmour

Acting Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion

Laurinda Rudge


Farlingaye Faculty Staff



Mrs K Carrick

(Acting (HoF)

Mrs B Barnett

Mrs K Carrick

Miss L Crossley


Ms S Deverson-Dean

Mr I Haigh

(Assist HoY 10)

Miss R Kerridge 

Mrs K Killeen

Miss P Mardle

(Assist HoY 9)

Ms J Montague

Mr T Read (HoY 11)

Miss T Seals

Miss A Silvester

Mrs R Spurling

Mr M Tighe




Mrs T Hetherington (HoF)

Miss C Baldwin

(Assist HoY 7)

Miss L Crofton

Mrs S Cowley

Mrs V Freeland

Mrs C Laird

Mrs R Lansdowne

Ms S Maddams

(Temp 6th Form support)

Ms S Markham

Ms G Martino

Mrs S Phillips

Mr R Picton


Ms G Cesarano (HoF)

Miss A Andrades


Miss S Anoune

Mr J Ayers 

Mr A Craig

Miss H Fitch

Mrs E Fowler

Mrs S Green

Mrs L Rudge 




Mr N Edge (HoF)

Mrs S Berrisford

(Mat Leave)

Mrs H Gray-Maloney

Mr I Howlett

(Assist HoY 12)

Mrs H Jacobs

Mr J Lampard

(Head of Sixth Form) 

Mr I Piddington

Miss R Scales

Mr A Todd

Ms P Tyndale-Hardy



Special Educational Needs (SEN)




Mrs L Rudge

(Acting HoF)

Mr D Hall

(Assist SENCO)

Mr P Macdonald

(HoY 9)

Mrs J Moore






Mr H White (HoF)

Mrs L Cornell

Mr N Dadge

Ms S Ewers

Mrs H Gray

(Assist HoY 7)

Mr B Hawtin

Mr C Shaw


Mr M Smith (Head of ICT & Computing)

Mr A Wetherell

Mr C Wrathall







Ms K Alexander (HoF)

Miss L Edwards

Miss H Enright

(HoY 10)

Mr A Haughan

(Assist HoY 13)

Miss J Hall

Mr T Sparkes

Mr A Steed

(Assist HoY 10)

Mr J Tunaley



Mr N Webb (HoF)

Mrs K Beasant

(Mat Leave)

 Mr J Branch

Mr P Brookes

Miss D Clarke

Mrs S Curtis


Mr C Fitch

Mr G Harris

(HoY 7)

Mrs N Hetherington

(Assist HoY 8)

Ms S Kember

Mrs B Lucas

(HoY 8)

Mr P Macdonald

(HoY 9)

Miss K Maskell

Miss J Messer

Mr R Noble

Mrs C Pestell-Love

Miss C Ring

Mr O Saunders

 Miss C Ring

Mrs K Smith

Mr P Smith

Miss L Snoxell

Mrs M Thomas

Miss R Thurlow

Mrs F Watson 







Mrs C Moran/

Mr S Lucking


Mr M Austin

Mr R Barnett

Mr M Barrie

Dr G Biran


Miss R Cresdee 

Miss N Day

 Miss R Ellis

(Assist HoY 8)

Mr J Harker

Mr T Harrison

Miss S Jackson

Mr T Moore

Mr J Parks

Mr G Pullen

(Assist HoY 9)

Miss N Rai 

Mrs T Butcher

Mr P Silvester

Mr S Skidmore

(Temp Assist HoY 11)

Mrs V Stuart

(HoY 13)

Mr D Williams




Mr A Gemmell (HoF)

Mr J Brooks

(Temp Assist HoY 9)

Miss M Chapman

(Assist HoY 13)

Mr B Daly 

Miss L Gilmour

Mr M Greenall

Miss S Kardi

(Assist HoY 11)

Mr C Moran

Mrs J Palmer

(Mat Leave)

Mrs C Rowe

(Mat Leave)

Mrs R Spearpoint

Mr T Sperling

Mr C Stuart

Mr G Tait

(HoY 12)

Mr N Trett

Mr A Turner

Maths Specialist

Status Co-ord.

Mrs R Spearpoint



Mr C Fitch

Leading Edge Facilitator

Mrs C Pestell-Love

Pupil Premium


Mr D Hall


Teaching and

Learning Co-ord.

Miss M Chapman