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SENCO Mrs J Moore

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Special Needs Provision

We aim to be as flexible as it is possible to be whilst working within the constraints of the school timetable. LSA support is provided as appropriate and individual programmes are designed for students with more specific needs such as those on the autistic spectrum, with emotional difficulties or the physically disabled. Support for literacy and numeracy difficulties is provided through small group work and a variety of individual programmes such as Toe by Toe and Power of 2.  All teachers at the school are considered to be teachers of children with SEND - they are aware of their responsibilities towards students with SEND and expected to differentiate accordingly.

Inclusion and the Disability Discrimination Act

The school is aware of its obligations regarding the DDA and every effort is made to ensure maximum inclusion of students with SEND through out their school life. Teachers provide appropriate learning opportunities, ensuring full access to the SEND Curriculum. All students are encouraged to take as full a part as possible in extra curricular activities and students with SEND are no exception. Learning Support Assistants accompany certain students with SEND on school trips ensuring their successful participation.

Admission Arrangements

The SENCO, in conjunction with the Lower School Coordinator, liaises with the partner primary schools. The purpose of this liaison is to identify students who will benefit from additional support at high school and ensure that successful and appropriate strategies are continued.

Liaison is also carried out with the Advisory Teachers for Learning Support and the Educational Psychology Service who advise on students with SEND both in the partner primary schools and in specialist Support Centres. The SENCO attends, when appropriate, the Year 6 review meetings of these students.

Parents of students with SEND often meet with the SENCO prior to transfer and individual visits for students can also be arranged where appropriate. Parents can contact the SENCO through their primary school or by direct contact with Farlingaye High School office.

Physically Disabled students

Students with a physical disability who wish to attend Farlingaye are invited to visit the school with their parents and appropriate medical advisors. The particular needs and difficulties of each student are evaluated prior to admission to ensure a smooth transfer and a successful experience at the school.

Students with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Transfer for these students requires careful planning over time and for most this will involve an introduction to Farlingaye early on in Year 6 with additional visits to those normally planned. The school liaises closely with the primary schools, parents, the County Inclusive Resource and the Advisory Service for Learning Support to ensure a relatively smooth transfer at what can be a traumatic time for these children.