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Farlingaye Work Experience 2017

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Who is it for?

 All Year 11 students.

Work  Experience dates:

 Monday 16th October to Friday 20th October 2017.

What exactly is work experience?

 A chance to find out what work is really like.

 Add relevance to the school curriculum.

 The emphasis is on work experience, not necessarily your chosen career path.

What you will experience:

 The organisation of work places.

 Work processes.

 Social relations at work.

 Differences in work patterns compared to school.

 The disciplines of work – time-keeping, regulations, the importance  of teamwork, etc.

 The conditions of work – the environment, longer hours, the fringe benefits, etc.

 The roles performed by management and trade unions.

 Learn new skills.

Points to be considered:

 The student should fully understand their role at their chosen company and not 

 undertake tasks outside their remit.

 The students must make their own travel arrangements.

 Work Experience is not paid employment, though employers may meet all or part of a 

 student’s ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses (meals, travel, etc.) if they wish.

 Students need to remember to be polite, co-operative and helpful at all times.

 In the event of sickness, please inform the school and your employer, as soon as


 The vast majority of students find work experience an interesting, enjoyable and

 rewarding process. They learn a great deal which helps them make a successful

 transition from the world of education into the world of work.

The teacher’s role:

 Teachers have a monitoring role and employers can normally expect a teacher to:

 Visit the student at least once during a block placement.

 Discuss the student’s progress with the employer during the visit.

 Be able to deal with problems and emergencies.

Parents can be extremely helpful and supportive in a number of ways, by:

 Offering assistance in finding placements.

 Help to maximise your child’s placement as a new learning experience.  This may mean

 encouraging work experience away from firms where a relative works or where a part-

 time job is already held.

 Help to encourage your child to adopt good work habits e.g. punctuality, appropriate

 dress and behaviour and an understanding of their position in an adult environment.

 Sympathise if things are not going too well without being too protective, often lessons

 are learnt the hard way but rewarded by gaining valuable experience and knowledge 

 of how the real world works.

Important notes:

 Once confirmation of your placement has been received we are unable to change it.

 Students on work experience must be covered by the company’s Employers Liability

 and Public Liability Insurance. Checks will be made by the school to ensure that

 sufficient insurance is available before placing students.

 Students who are planning to work out of county for their work experience will need to

 get the employer information to Mrs Frazer, the Work Experience Co-ordinator

 urgently.  Health and safety checks out of County require at least 3 months notice.

 Parents may be expected to meet the additional costs incurred by the school for the out

 of county work placement risk assessment.

How the process works:

 All students are required to choose five placements from the approved company listing,

 available on the internet. Click here for information about logging into the Learning

 Gateway: Gateway/ 

 You are required to complete the “Work Experience Letter and Application Form” and

 hand this in to Reception or your Form Tutor.

 Alternatively, you may wish to organise your own placement through a family member

 or acquaintance, this is acceptable subject to approval.  You are required to complete

 the “Work Experience Private Placement Form” and hand this in to Reception or your Form Tutor.


Mrs S Frazer

Work Experience Co-ordinator

Tel. 01394 385720