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I am delighted to welcome you to Farlingaye High School’s website.  Our vision at Farlingaye is very clear.  We want our students to be taught by brilliant teachers, to learn to love different subjects, and to develop a sense that they are an important part of a wider community, where their actions matter and their contribution is valued. 

We want our students to excel here, to gain the skills and develop the qualities needed to go on and succeed in their future beyond Farlingaye.  We’re delighted that our students are happy to be part of our Farlingaye community, and engage with the many opportunities that the school provides for academic success and progression into the next phase of their lives. Their efforts have been rewarded with excellent exam results in recent years, at both GCSE and A Level, and a huge number of students have been able to access high-quality university courses or pursue exciting employment or training opportunities.

We also want to foster the passions and interests that our students hold, by offering a chance for our students to embrace a broad range of extra-curricular provision, that enables them to participate in activities that develop resilience, teamwork and a sense of pride and enjoyment.   We are hugely proud of what’s on offer at Farlingaye, from the range of sporting opportunity through to the music, art and drama that so many participate in.  

Our aim is to ensure that Farlingaye is a beacon of excellence in all it does.  As a staff we strive to ensure that every area of our school is the best it can be, and we are committed to being restless in order to achieve this goal.  We are humble, keen to learn from others and aim to continue developing. We believe that all our key stakeholders - students, parents, staff and governors - have a key role in helping us further improve. 

If you would like to visit Farlingaye to see the excellent work that is done here, please do contact us and arrange to attend one of our Open Mornings, you would be most welcome. You can reach us on 01394 385720 or via

Peter Smith, Headteacher

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