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Art Textiles

Art Textiles 2


Edexcel 9TE0


Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

5 in Art


Subject description

A Level Textile Design involves the creation, selection and manipulation of textiles across a variety of practices including: constructed textiles, dyed textiles, printed textiles, fine art and sculptural textiles, fashion textiles.


Year 1. Components: Component 1 Coursework

Students will produce  a journal in the form of a sketchbook, incorporating recording from primary and contextual sources and textile experiments demonstrating a range of techniques. Students will create final outcomes as the realisation of their research. A developmental task will be set in January to generate ideas and practical exploration in response to a given theme that students will personalise. This will be evidenced in sketchbooks and a range of larger outcomes.


Year 2. Components: Component 1 Coursework

Practical work continues to provide opportunities to pursue your own ideas in a chosen area of Textiles. A written element is presented in the form of an illustrated essay, which will link to your ideas. Students will develop a clear line of enquiry towards a final outcome that is a summary of their A level course demonstrating, skills, concepts and links and connections to research.


Component 2 Externally set assignment

A paper will be set in January to create practical explorations in response to a given theme.

Submissions must include preparatory studies and a final timed outcome which is produced over a period of 15 hours.


How the course is assessed:


A Level is assessed by marking of practical evidence produced to cover four assessment objectives.

Component 1 is worth 60% of the final grade.

Component 2 is worth 40% of the final grade.


Post-18 opportunities:

Foundation Studies in Art & Design, Degree in Art & Design, Costume Design, Interior Design, Art History, Printmaking, Fashion & Textiles, and Textiles, working in galleries, education, film, media, theatre, the fashion industry, textile design and production.


Teacher responsible: Mrs T Hetherington.