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 A Level History 



What is Studied?

Year 7 The Medieval World and The Tudors.
Year 8 The Stuarts and the English Civil War, Industrial Revolution, Slavery, African Kingdoms and Empire and Civil Rights in America, Chartists and Suffragettes.
Year 9

The Twentieth Century;  first World War, Inter War years, Hitler's Rise to Power and second World War.


The Twenty-First Century;  first Cold War and Contemporary Events.

How do we learn?

The history department is committed to engaging and stimulating learning where activities are diverse, interesting and informative.

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history 3

history 4


In History we like to offer students a range of extra-curricular opportunities.  We run a weekly History club:  The History Detectives where students investigate a range of mysteries and events.  We also offer trips to castles, battlefields of Europe, Germany and America.

History and Politics America trip:





Year 9 Battlefields trip photos

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GCSE History:

What is  studied in Year 10?

Living under Nazi Rule, 1933–1945:

It starts in January 1933 with Hitler coming to power and establishing a dictatorship. We then focus on how Hitler kept control and how any opposition managed to survive under such a strict regime. The course then moves on to the experiences of different groups living under Nazi rule in Germany. The impact of the Second World War is then explored and we finish with the experience of living in Nazi occupied Europe.


The Norman Conquest 1065-1087:

The topic starts by focusing on life in Britain before the Normans arrived. The fascinating events of 1066 will then be studied in depth before  the impact of the Norman conquest is assessed.


History Around US:

Students will be studying Norwich Castle. We will also be visiting this site in the summer term.

What is studied in Year 11?

The People’s Health c.1250 to present:

This is an exciting topic which focuses on why and how public health has developed. You will look at a number of diseases such as the Black Death and Cholera.


The Making of America, 1789–1900:

The focus for study is how and why American territory expanded during these years and the relationship between this expansion and the cultures of indigenous Americans, African Americans and white Americans.

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 A Level Year 12

 A Level Year 13

Unit 1:

The Tudors:  England, 1485-1547

This unit major focus is the growth of political stability, from the instability of the War of the Roses to the establishment of secure government by Henry VII, and the development of Tudor rule under Henry VIII.


Units 1 and 2 will be examined on the content learnt in Year 12 and Year 13.

These units are each worth 40% of the A Level and each unit is assessed by a 2.5 hour exam in the summer of Year 13.

Unit 1:  The Tudors:  England, 1485-1603

 Students will continue the study of the Tudor Period by assessing the effectiveness  of Henry VIII       children as rulers of England. Firstly by looking at the mid Tudor period and debating if the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I were characterised by crisis. Then by looking at the rule of Elizabeth I and addressing if it was a golden age.

Unit two: Revolution and Dictatorship: Russia and the Soviet Union, 1917–1929

 This unit is an in-depth study of the fall of the   Tsarist regime and the subsequent Communist take over.  The reasons for the revolution and establishment of Communist control will be addressed and debated.

Unit 2:  Revolution and Dictatorship:  Russia, 1917-1953

 The study of Russian History will continue by looking at Stalinist regime following his establishment of power. The terror of this regime and of The Second World War will be explored along with the establishment of the USSR as a superpower and the start of its conflict with the USA.


Unit 3:  Historical Investigation

 The 4000 word coursework essay is worth 20% of the final A Level grade. Students will study an overview of American Civil Rights before independently writing an essay on the significant events that have impacted/influences change.

The department runs a residential History trip every two years.  This has included the 'Third Reich Uncovered' trip, taking in 4 different countries and sights of the Nazi regime and this year for the first time a trip to New York, Philly and Washington DC, taking in the politics of America and the events of the Civil Rights Movement.