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PRE (Philosophy, Religion & ethics)


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Key Stage 3

At KS3, all students follow a common Humanities programme, consisting of discrete lessons in PRE, History and Geography; PRE has 1 x 100 minutes per fortnight; both History and Geography have 2 x 100 minutes per fortnight.

The PRE course follows the Suffolk locally agreed syllabus, with much individual input and creativity from staff.  At Farlingaye, Years 7, 8 and 9 study a distinct theme each term. This broadly reflects the 3 key areas of the subject focusing on Philosophy in term 1, Religion in term 2 and Ethics in term 3. Despite this, all 3 areas of the courses are covered discreetly across all lessons where possible.

Term 1 - Philosophy Term 2 - Religion Term 3 - Ethics


Literacy Focus:  SPaG

Who am I? Festivals How should we treat the environment?


Literacy Focus: 

Key Terminology

Arguments surrounding the existence of God Significant Religious Leaders Rights;  Human and Animal


Term 1 - Ethics Term 2 - Philosophy Term 3 - Religion


Literacy Focus:  Persuasive Language

Matters of life and death The problem of Evil Religious persecution

 Staff are encouraged to develop and share teaching resources.


A Very Simple Guide to Religious Studies GCSE

Year 10:  Beliefs and Practices

1.  Christian Beliefs - nature of God, crucifixion, after life.

2.  Christian Practices - worship, sacraments, church.

3.  Islamic Beliefs - nature of God, five pillars.

4.  Islamic Practices - Hajj, Prayer.

Year 11:  Thematic Studies - Islamic and Christian Responses to:

1.  Religion and Life - the universe, pollution, abortion, euthanasia.

2.  Religion and Life - treatment of the environment, animals and humans

3.  Crime and Punishment - Aims of punishment, forgiveness.

4.  Arguments surrounding the existence of God - philosophical arguments surrounding whether God exists or not.

There are TWO exams at the end of Year 11.

Each exam is 1 hr 45 min.

A Level

PDF icon  A Level Philosopy, Ethics and the Study of Religion