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Scheme of Work 2023-2024 PSHE Plus Scheme of Work 2023-2024
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The intent of our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic) curriculum at Farlingaye is to provide our students with an inspirational curriculum that meets the needs of all of our pupils and directly supports their education preparing students for life at and beyond Farlingaye High School. We strive to give pupils a sense of empowerment and the knowledge, skills and understanding to become aware, active and responsible citizens, both at local, national and global levels. We aim to equip our young people to make well informed decisions on how to stay safe both on and offline and be involved in their communities, helping them to be the best version of themselves.

‘PSHE education helps pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society. From making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, PSHE education helps pupils to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.’ (PSHE Association) 

A core purpose of our PSHE programme is to tackle barriers to learning, raise aspirations, and improve the life chances of all students, including the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. PSHE helps our pupils to really think about themselves, how they treat other people, be aspirational and have good strong values. This is delivered with the three core themes of PSHE in mind – Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Sex Education and Living in the Wider World. These are incorporated into out 6 themes which all year groups 7-13 follow.

Autumn A: Friendships, Anti-bullying, Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Autumn B: Careers, Aspirations and Money (please see our dedicated careers page

Spring A: Sexual Health, Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Spring B: Physical Health, Personal Safety and Risk Management

Summer A: Diversity, Prejudice and Media Influence

Summer B: Community, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development 

PSHE Policy

The PSHE curriculum is not examined, however it is a crucial and purposeful educational component. We want all of our pupils, of course, to succeed academically, but we endeavour that through their PSHE learning that they know how to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. PSHE is delivered in 50 minute extended registration session once a fortnight to all students year 7-13 in addition to this further content is taught in 100 minutes timetabled lessons once a fortnight to year 10 and 11. The SOW for PSHE Plus and the PSHE lessons can be found below.

As a school community, we are committed to working in partnership with parents. We would like to consult with parents and invite you to find out more about what your child will learn, view the materials and resources being used in lessons and discover how you can best support your child to discuss these topics at home. We have used several organisations and charities to help us develop a bespoke package of lessons and resources for our students at Farlingaye High School with this in mind it is impossible to make these lessons accessible on our public webpage without breaking copyright laws. If you would like to view the resources on a particularly topic I would encourage you to contact me directly at the email address below or call the school to arrange a time for you to come in and visit.

Mrs F Watson

PSHE Coordinator