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GCSE Sociology Presentation


Exam Board

AQA A Level:

EduQas GCSE:


Key Stage 4 - GCSE

Students can choose to take a number of Humanities subjects (Geography History, PRE, Sociology) at GCSE. Each subject is timetabled for 3 x 100 minutes per fortnight. All teaching groups are mixed ability.

We follow the AQA Specification at GCSE in Sociology. 

The topics studied are:

Cultural Transmission

Crime and Deviance


Social Differentiation and Stratification


Applied Methods of Sociological Enquiry

Sociological Research Methods


A Level

History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology and PRE are offered at A level.  All subjects have 6 x 100 minutes per fortnight.

We follow the AQA specification in Sociology.


Crime and Deviance.

Culture and Identity

 Beliefs in Society

 Theory and Methods