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Further Maths




Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

7 or above in Maths


Subject description:


Because of the importance of Mathematics, it is the only subject with a second A Level. Further Mathematics extends the standard of A Level Mathematics in both depth and breadth. Further Mathematics gives the opportunity to study exciting areas of mathematics, such as complex numbers, matrices and differential equations.


The topics covered will deepen your knowledge and understanding of both pure and applied mathematics as well as providing an introduction to those studied at degree level.


The content of the A Level Further Mathematics consists of Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.


Pure Mathematics content includes: proof, complex numbers, matrices, further vectors, further algebra, series, hyperbolic functions, further calculus, polar coordinates, differential equations.


Mechanics content includes: dimensional analysis, work, energy and power, impulse and momentum, centre of mass, motion in a circle, further dynamics and kinematics.


Statistics content includes: probability, discrete random variables, continuous random variables, linear combinations of random variables, hypothesis tests and confidence intervals, chi-squared tests, non-parametric tests, correlation, linear regression.


How the course is assessed:

There will be four examination papers at the end of the course. All papers are of 90 minutes duration and are equally weighted.

1.  Pure Mathematics - 2 papers

2. Mechanics - 1 paper

3. Statistics – 1 paper


Post-18 opportunities:

Further Mathematics will develop your problem-solving and analytical skills, which are highly valued by both employers and universities. Further Mathematics is strongly recommended for degrees in Mathematics, Physical Sciences or Engineering. It will also help increase your success at university in other mathsrelated subjects, such as computing and economics.


Teacher responsible:   Mr A Gemmell