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Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

5 in German


Subject description:

A Level German gives you the opportunity to further develop your skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as gain knowledge of the country and its culture and recent history. You will study a range of topics such as music and the media, education and recent German history and society. You will also study a film and a book in depth. You will be encouraged to discuss issues and to justify different points of view. To help you with your speaking, you will have the opportunity to work in small groups with a native speaker. You will also have the chance to take part in the annual German exchange with our partner school (Friedrich König Gymnasium) in Würzburg, Germany and to visit Berlin.


Units studied:

Year 12

Modern German society, music, education, the media as well as festivals and traditions, including a German film.


Year 13

Multiculturalism and immigration and German reunification. There will also be in-depth study of a text.


How the course is assessed:

There are two written and one spoken examination. The first written exam will include listening, reading and a translation into English. The second will include a translation into German and essays about a film or book studied.


Post-18 opportunities:

There are numerous situations in the job market where the knowledge of a foreign language at A Level is a great advantage over others without. Germany is Britain’s number one trading partner in Europe. Numerous companies need translation and interpreting skills at various levels to conduct business with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe, where German is the principle foreign language after English. At every university there are now opportunities to combine German with other subjects, such as Business Studies, Engineering or Law.


Teacher responsible:  Mr A Craig, Mrs S Green.