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Hedgehog Homes

As part of our continued attempts to make the school grounds a bit more wildlife friendly, the Green Council members have been creating some hedgehog homes this term. According to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, hedgehog numbers have decline by up to one third in the last ten years, so we were keen to add this to our previous wildlife projects such as the bird boxes and insect hotels. The hedgehog home is made out of two paving slabs for the base and roof, along with walls and an entrance tunnel made from old bricks. We have lined them with hay and if there are any hedgehogs locally, hopefully it will give them a cosy place to spend the winter. It is not easy to tell if your hedgehog homes have residents, but apparently you can sometimes hear them snoring so we will be listening out for this! Thank you to the students who helped with this activity. If you’d like to try to make a hedgehog home in your own garden you can find the design we used at

Solar Panels

As you have probably heard, we were unsuccessful in our attempts to get funding for solar panels from the M&S Energy Fund, however we would like to thank everybody who voted for us, promoted it amongst their friends or pledged money. We are still keen to get solar panels for the school so we will need to consider our next move. Please let us know if you have any ideas or if you hear of any other funding schemes.

Mr Hatfield

What to Recycle...

Recycling poster



Other Green Council Activities:

  • Last March the Green Council planted a copse of trees in a corner of the school grounds as part of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods Project. Green Council members are continuing to monitor and maintain the area. Some trees have been lost through accidental damage and inclement weather, but most are doing well.
  • We continue to operate the school’s recycling scheme, with a recycling bin in each classroom emptied on a weekly basis. The scheme has been very successful and we frequently run out of space to store the recycled material!
  • Green Council volunteers wash up at school events such as concerts and parents evenings to reduce the number of disposable plastic cups used. Reusable cups made of recycled plastic were bought in for such events and are proving to be very useful.
  • Following a talk two years ago about the damage caused by the palm oil industry, the Green Council adopted an orphaned Orangutan in Borneo. Please click here to view the Orangutan Appeal Newsletter.  We have continued to provide money to support this conservation work.
Tree 2