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Late Bus Routes (PF Travel)

PLEASE NOTE:  Late buses after clubs: 

Late Run 1 Late Run 2 Late Run 3
Grundisburgh - Basket Makers, Green and Village Hall Ufford - Crown Public House, Parklands Rock Barracks - MoD
Clopton - Peats Corner Melton Park Hollesley - Stores Corner, Oak Hill Bottom, Oak Hill Top, Shop, School Entrance and Bushey Lane
Otley - Post Office, Chapel Road and Newlands Bromeswell Alderton - Watson Way and Village Shop
Clopton - Shop Road Corner Eyke - Shop Bawdsey - Street amd The Quay
Debach - Church Rendlesham - Water Tower and Acer Road Shottisham - Sorrell Horse Public House
Bredfield - Church and Green Campsea Ashe - Station Sutton - Village Hall
Dallinghoo - Phone Box Tunstall - Green Man Public House
Charsfield - Garage Iken - Crossroads
Wickham Market - Square, Broad Road and Simon's Cross Sudbourne - Bus Shelter and Five-ways
Orford - Potkins Lane, Ferry Road and Market Hill
Butley - Oyster Public House