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If you require advice with regard to transfers from Year 6 (Primary schools) to Year 7 (Secondary schools), please contact the SCC Admissions Team in the first instance.  For advice on admissions to all other years, please contact Farlingaye High School Admissions.

Farlingaye High School

Ransom Road

Woodbridge  IP12 4JX

Transfers from Primary to Secondary school  only


Admissions Team,

Endeavour House,

8 Russell Road,


Suffolk, IP1 2BX.

 Tel:  01394 385720

Tel:  0345 600 0981

 Fax: 01394 387226


 Email:  Ms C Cooper

Email:  Ms C Cooper

In Year Application Form and Guidance Notes


For information on the Admissions procedure, please click on the following link:

Useful points of information

Passenger Transport Unit