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Physical Education

Physical Education




Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

5 in PE.  Applicants without GCSE PE need a minimum of 5 and 5 in Science.


Subject description:

To develop an understanding of the factors influencing sporting performance. There is detailed study of the physiological and psychological components that contribute to the performer and the performance and of the social, moral and cultural issues which affect participation and performance in physical activity.


A Level PE focuses on the theoretical study of sport and physical activity rather than practical ability and as such requires participants with academic focus. Students will be assessed at the end of the two years to gain an A Level qualification.


Units studied:

Physiological factors affecting performance; Psychological factors affecting performance; Socio-cultural and contemporary issues; Performance with physical education.


How the course is assessed:

Non-exam assessment (NEA). One practical performance, as either a coach or a performer, and one performance analysis task.


A total of four hours assessment split over three examination papers taken at the end of the two-year course.


The opportunity  to demonstrate knowledge of both theory and performance skills in NEA and through the examinations.


Post-18 opportunities:

A Level PE is a recognised and often desirable entry qualification for university. It can either be used as a stepping stone to sports-related university courses such as Sports Science and Sports Therapy, or will count as part of an A Level points total to gain entry to other university courses.


Teacher responsible:   Miss K Alexander.