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philosophy, ethics and development in religious thought




Qualification type:

A Level


Entry criteria (GCSE grades):

5 in English


Subject description:

A subject for those who want to think beyond just the ordinary.


Philosophy of Religion

Ancient philosophical influences - Plato and Aristotle

Body, Mind and Soul

Arguments for the existence of God

Religious experience

Challenge to belief: Problem of evil

Nature of God

Language: Speaking about the unspeakable.


Ethics - How/why can we live ethically?

Normative ethics: utilitarianism, Kantian ethics

Applied ethics: Abortion, Euthanasia, Business

Ethical language: what do we mean by good or bad?

What is the Conscience?

Sexual ethics


Developments in religious thought

What does it mean to be human?

Knowledge of God


Socialism and Political Action

Liberation theology


How the course is assessed:

100% examinations at the end of Year 13.


Post-18 opportunities:

This A Level can be used to access a wide range of higher education courses. It has particular relevance for those entering the caring professions and can also be used to gain entry to careers involving dealing with the public generally, eg law, commerce, public relations, journalism medicine, education, politics and theology.


It is widely respected by Universities. Moreover, the opportunity to explore the biggest questions in the universe with others means that post-18 you will never see the world the same way again!


Teacher responsible:   Miss E Elmer.