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SMSC and Values






Our students are given opportunity to reflect on their own beliefs, religious or otherwise, and their experiences; these inform their perspective. They have an interest in, and respect for, different faiths, feelings and values. Their learning shows creativity and imagination and lessons and activities encourage an enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and their world.  Our huge range of curriculum and extracurricular activities enable students to identify between right and wrong, to apply this to their own lives, and to understand the laws within which they live. There is a clear focus on the need to understand the consequences of their behaviour and how to go forward. There is a wide range of debate and discussion on moral and ethical issues with encouragement of a tolerance of the views of others.   We encourage our students to use  a range of social skills in different context, in and beyond school, so that they work and socialise with others from a range of backgrounds, They are willing to participate in, and support, our local community and willingly give time to help others, to volunteer and to cooperate with others.  They develop skills and attitudes which allow them to participate fully in, and positively contribute to life in modern Britain.   Through the curriculum and additional activities, we ensure students know, understand and appreciate a wide range of cultural influences. The curriculum coves their knowledge of Britain’s democracy. There is a huge range of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities. We celebrate diversity and are proud that our students show their understanding and respect for different faiths, cultures and abilities in local, national and international communities.   We recognise that these topics are covered within the previous four sections but through it might be helpful to identify some of the more specific examples.