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Mental Health


Wellbeing and good mental health are at the heart of student achievement, whether academically or in any other field. We take wellbeing very seriously at Farlingaye and think the focus should be on maintaining good mental health as well as supporting those who are struggling. To view our Mental Health Policy, click here.
The NHS have produced five steps to mental wellbeing and we use these principles to promote student wellbeing. You can read more about these here.
If you are finding it hard to manage or you feel overwhelmed, or if are worried about someone else, talking to others really does help.  Many students feel like this – it's not unusual and staff are used to helping those who have feelings difficult to handle.
Initially you it’s a good idea to speak to your Form Tutor or Head of Year.  Otherwise you can go and see Mrs Laird (the mental health lead in the school) or our Safeguarding Team in the Deben Block, or Student Support.  They are trained to help and can also refer you to professionals who can help you further.  These professionals are experts and can talk to you; they want to help and are dedicated to helping those like you.  You are not alone and together we are stronger.
The School Nurse will also be more than happy to see you to discuss any concerns or queries you may have.  She will keep everything you tell her confidential unless they put your safety or that of others at risk.  There are drop-in sessions every other Monday lunchtime in the Consultation room (by LR3, in the Library block), so that you can speak to her privately. 
Chat Health number:  07507 333356

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