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Farlingaye High School

Student Voice

The students at Farlingaye play an integral part in the school at all levels.

Every student is a valued part of a tutor group, contributing to the daily discussions and peer support which takes place. From the debates and activities undertaken by the students their views are represented on a Year Council and then to the School Council, Green Council and Sports Council. Everybody and anybody can raise an idea, a concern and express a view and all are considered and responded to. There are also Council boxes in the school, through which any student can communicate directly with the Council members.

The students are also involved in considering teaching and learning at Farlingaye. They represent the student body on working parties, for example considering behaviour matters, the recognition of achievement, assessment, etc. In these situations the students have equal standing with the governors, staff and other stakeholders and their contributions are invaluable and their ideas exciting. The students are also involved in learning conversations, reflecting on their experiences as part of the schools monitoring processes, for example through Year Trails and 6th Form Reviews.

Students are also involved in the appointing of staff. Student panels, student conversations and student lunches have all played an important part in the interview process. Here the students have shown themselves to be perceptive and insightful in their interactions with potential staff. The students enjoy the experience and the candidates too find the experience of talking about the school useful.

At Farlingaye we strive to ensure that every student knows their views matter and so every opportunity is made to encourage the students to share their ideas, express their concerns and to be actively involved in developing their school community for the benefit of everyone who is part of it.