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Homework Guidelines 

Homework is considered to be an important component of every student's experience at Farlingaye.  Due to the nature of our two week timetable and the fact that not every class is taught be only one teacher within a subject area, strict timetables of homework setting are not published for each year group.  However, staff follow the homework guidelines summarised below:

  • The amount of homework set will increase steadily as students progress through the school.  Generally year 7's will receive a maximum of two 25 min tasks per subject per fortnight, increasing in 5 minute increments to 45 minutes per task per subject by year 11.

  • Students in the sixth form would expect an average of 5 hours homework per week for each A level subject.

  • Homework will be set with a clear purpose, and will be written by the student into their journal.

  • Staff and subject leaders will monitor the setting and marking of homework.

  • Parents are encouraged to use the Home/School journal to inform staff when there are difficulties with a student completing their homework.