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Thursday 4th April, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm.

Morgan Sindall Construction Work Experience

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Work Experience 2024 Year 10

A  letter was sent to Parents on Friday 17th November 2023 including the link to the Work Experience & Consent 2024, Year 10 Form

Please note:  FORM can be accessed here: WORK EXPERIENCE & CONSENT FORM 2024 - Year 10

  • We are asking parent/carers and students to, if possible, self-source their own placements independently
  • We cannot guarantee Work Placements will be available, and those that are will be limited, with limited scope that may not be where your child’s career aspirations are
  • Placements can be up to a five-day block, between 22nd January and 21st June 2024 or at the start of Year 11 up until October Half term.
  • IF you are not able to find a placement by end of January, can you then complete the form following the ‘no’ option.  Please be aware we cannot guarantee a work placement. 
  • Academic dates to avoid: April 15th – 26th (Year 10 assessments) and w/c 24th June (Mock Interviews and Careers Conference)
  • The Farlingaye Attendance Team cannot authorise any Work Experience leave without consent from Parent/Carers, if you have found a Work Experience Placement for your son/daughter
  • Once the details and dates have been arranged with the employer, please complete this form with your son/daughter: WORK EXPERIENCE & CONSENT FORM 2024 - Year 10 

The Work Experience Team will be in touch once a form has been submitted and prior to the placement taking place.  Please give the Work Experience team as much notice as possible, to allow them time to make the necessary arrangements before the work experience commences.

To contact the Work Experience team: